Sale of goods and services through the activation of the digital-code. accepts payments from individuals and companies in Russia and gives the customer a digital code to access your content or activate services.

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How to use

Innovative method of selling goods and services on the Internet - reliable for the seller and convenient for the buyer.

How it works


Activation of access to the closed part of the site, individual documents or media content: movies, photos, games, presentations.

Digital Services

Activation of software, web-modules, subscriptions, tariffs or additional features of your web-service.


Transfer of goods and services to the buyer after activating the prepaid digital-code - on the site, in the mobile application or code scanner.

Coupons and discounts

Providing exclusive conditions and additional benefits for consumers that activate paid digital-codes.


Direct connection to banks and servers placed with the providers of the first category guarantees stable and trouble-free operation of the service. Own software for processing payment for all types of users - individuals and legal entities:

Bank cards

We process payment by bank cards: VISA, MasterCard, MIR.

Electronic money

We accept payment by electronic money: WebMoney, Yandex.Money, QIWI.

Mobile Payments

Payment from the balance of the operators: MTS, Megafon, Beeline, Tele2.

Legal entities

The sale is carried out by our company, so the buyer receives a full set of documents for accounting.

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Activate - ready-made infrastructure for business in Russia

Activate is ready to solve your problems without having to register a local enterprise or open a representative office of a foreign company. The received funds can be deducted: to the account of a foreign company, to a bank card number or to a WebMoney purse.

Activate meets all requirements of the Russian legislation:

Cashier's checks

In accordance with the federal law 54-FZ, for each purchase of an individual we issue a cash receipt.


In accordance with the federal law 402-FZ, legal entities we provide : contract, act and invoice

Payment of VAT

In accordance with the federal law 244-FZ, when paying to non-residents of the Russian Federation, we pay VAT.

Data processing

In accordance with federal law 152-FZ, we process personal data on the territory of Russia.


How it works:


1. Choosing an Activation Method

Activate works in two ways:
1. Sale of a digital-code from your list;
2. Sales of generated digital code that is verified by a remote server.

For each option, a separate template with its own settings is created.

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2. Individual page

For each Activate template, an original page with a short address, an image and a brief description is generated - on this page you send users to purchase a digital-code.


3. Delivery of a digital code

The payment receipt field, the system sends a digital code to the buyer, in an e-mail or by SMS.

  • E-mail – instantly
  • SMS - instantly

4. Activation

The buyer activates the received digital-code on your site and gets access to the goods, content or services. Funds from the sale of digital-code are credited to your balance in Paysto.


5. Payout

The funds are paid to the company's account, bank card or WebMoney electronic wallet - daily or by order.

  • VISA, MasterCard, MIR
  • Company bank account
  • WebMoney
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What people say ...

Thanks to Nicholas, who told me how to accept payment from companies on my car wash. + 50% turnover!

Vadim Siyadze, Balashikha

Thank you for the excellent service! For my seasonal business Activate irreplaceable. With the online cashier issue is resolved and from companies accept payment. For my customers it's important that everything is legal.

Eduard K., Novosibirsk

I considered all options before entering the Russian market. For the current volume of sales of our software company in Russia is unreasonable investment, so there is no alternative to Activate. My recommendations.

Marek A., Prague

For 3 years now, I use Activate to sell tickets for my events. Surprised how easy it is to sell to companies. I recommend!

Yana Voronina, Moscow
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What goods and services can I sell with Activate?

We do not limit our users to the nature of goods and services, access to which is activated with the help of digital codes, nevertheless the description on the template page and on the site where the code will be activated should not violate defined requirements.

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Pricing Activate depends on the number of templates. The fee for processing payments for all tariffs is 7.5% of the amount of the successful payment, including fees of banks and the issuance of a receipt.



90 days

3 templates.

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5.- $

per month

10 templates

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15.- $

per month

30 templates

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The services provided, as well as ways of paying out the proceeds, may not be available in all countries. Before registering with Activate specify the availability of services and payment methods for your country.

About us

From 2012 until today

Activate - a service for selling digital codes launched in 2012, as a module of the international platform for payment management Paysto. Activate popularizes the idea of digital sales in Russia. Experience, reputation and continuous development of the project is the basis of the work of Activate.

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